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CBD or Cannabidiol is one of more than 113 active compounds found in the cannabis plant species. CBD has become an extremely appealing option to patients for its many significant medical benefits and for those who seek relief from several health conditions without obtaining any high.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the most common cannabinoid in marijuana and is what provides the high. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a high and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC. CBD is gaining popularity and a reputation as being a safe, non-psychoactive treatment for a range of health concerns. As a result, CBD products are now available in a range of product types including oils, topicals, edibles, pet treats, and vaporizer liquids. Some CBD products may still contain a trace amount of THC, generally less than .3% which is not enough to cause a high of any sort.

There has been a tremendous amount of both scientific and clinical research completed into CBD’s potential as a treatment for a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, arthritis, epilepsy, diabetes, MS, schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, Lyme disease, and other neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, and its anti-cancer properties are currently being investigated at several academic research centers in the United States and elsewhere. While research is still in its early stages, doctors are generally supportive of CBD because it has very few side effects.

It is still important to remember that CBD is illegal in many parts of the world. We highly urge you to complete your due diligence and research the laws and regulations regarding CBD in your state and country.