I hurt my knee five years ago, and MRI and X-Rays results were negative. I started taking CBD oil orally and results were overnight! And improvement continues! I highly recommend the use of CBD!


I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and had other associated complications, including C-diff and MRSA. Upon stabilizing my blood sugar and A1C levels, which were 700 and 12.0, respectively, I started taking CBD oil and removed myself off of my insulin shots and oral medications. After 2 months, I returned to the doctor and my blood sugar levels were in the low 100's and my A1C levels were 6.0! Additionally, the side effects of the medications, including diarrhea and spikes and lows in blood sugar, have all gone away!


I hurt my back many years ago, and have found since then, that my back is very easy to hurt! Recently, I injured my back again and was not looking forward to the hard core medicine the doctor always gives me for back pain. Instead, I decided to give CBD a try. I used the 2500mg Country Girl Hemp tincture, both orally and topically. After just one day, my back was considerably better! Instead of being on pain meds for 3 to 4 days, I only needed 2 days of CBD to get moving again! I highly recommend CBD to anyone and everyone! There are so many things it helps with. My back pain is just one example!



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